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Originally Posted by High Country Herb View Post
I have known some dogs who are smart/cautious enough to refuse even the tastiest treat from strangers. Even after the owner says its OK, they won't take it. Those three look like that type.

I do the same thing, though. When my garage door is open, the neighborhood dogs like to visit me, because I keep some doggy biscuits or Beggin' Strips on hand. I love dogs.
Car dealer I used to deal with had an auto wrecker/body shop next door with a massive mean-looking shepherd-type guard dog. Sales guy almost died one day when I walked over to the fence to the dog, stuck my arm through a hole, and gave the dog the end of my ice cream cone out of my hand. "Don't you know that dog will take your arm off?!!"

Didn't tell him that dog had been getting treats from me every few weeks for the past year and was my best buddy already....
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