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Originally Posted by fraser2312 View Post
Yeah I noticed they were torx heads, I don't get it either, I had to change two bulbs in my car last week, what was holding the surround in place? You guessed it torx screws, what's wrong with a pozi or phillips head?
i love my bonneville. don't get me wrong. that said, there are some things about it that make me want to sack england. like the torx screws on the cam cover. shim & bucket valves on a low revving under stressed engine. factory seats that ruin your pelvis. stock exhaust that hinders easy chain maintenance. "performance" exhausts that are 1/6 the cost of the bike and make only 4 more hp (for $1,200, it should make at least 10hp, and i should be able to use panniers without clearance issues). rear wheel so narrow you have merely a handful of tire options. serious love-hate relationship. serious.

...but there's nothing else that gives me the same riding pleasure.
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