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Intro from noob and Honda XR350 luggage rack help needed.

Greetings to everyone from the other side of the pond!
I am new to all things enduro and looking around here seems to be a mine of information so I hope you will all not mind me picking your brains a little!
I have acquired a 1983 or 4 (not sure which as not picked it up yet) XR350. I live in a very rural area and the ambulance service here struggle to get to us rapidly so a group of us (a doctor, a nurse and 2 paramedics) are setting up a rapid response first responder service and we decided that an enduro bike was the way forwards.
Anyway, to my point! I CAN NOT find a luggage rack for this thing over here, have tried fleabay, classified ads, breakers, everywhere. I see that they are available in the US (you guys seem to be into these far more than we are) but they are bloody expensive! Also, all we need is the link from the rear sub frame to the rack as the rack is going to need to be very custom made to hold oxygen cylinder, defibrillator etc.
What I am wondering is if anyone of you good people has any diagrams for making the rack or could draw around the bits I need so that I can start getting it adapted. Either that or if you know of one that will fit with a bit of fiddling with
Eventually it will be decked out like a paramedic bike including blues and twos from a rechargeable battery pack and everything but our budget is very low. In fact it is zero as all the cash we raised had to go on medical kit.

Is anyone able to help us out?

Many thanks,


PS, will get pics up as I am going along if anyone is interested!
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