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Originally Posted by BK.RD.RNR View Post
Does anyone have a link to the forum/ thread for NASA Rally Sport as would relate to RallyMoto? I was hoping to get some more info on BRS.

And a question for you guys who keep doing these events..

I noticed looking at the BRS website that there are only 88 miles of special stages.

The question would be, what makes it worth the expense of licensing/ entry etc?

I realize that it's a great time with your friends, but am I missing something?

Worth it is a question only you can answer. Like you said, some of us continue to do these events, so they must be worth to us. If you feel like racing and the only bike you have is the 690, you don't have many options. You could road race I guess or do a NEHA hill climb but nothing off pavement other than RM. You could ride an Enduro or a Harescramble if you felt like being hardcore on the 690 but I don't think you'll have any fun.

Not sure what to tell you you've kind of answered your own questions for the most part I think
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