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Confused on sizing

So my wife ordered me a pair of these last week. We ordered them on the Atomic Moto web site, and in the sizing drop down menu it listed a 44 EU/9.5 US...I'm a US 9.5, so that's what we ordered. I received a pair of boots that have EU44 in the boot, but US10 on the box...and just to confuse things further, I went on the Forma site to look at their sizing chart, and they list a US9 as EU42, US10 as EU43, and US10.5 as EU44.

These feel a little bit big on me. If I was in a store with a selection on the shelf, I would be trying on smaller sizes to see what felt best.

What gives? Are true US9.5 not available? Is the Atomic Moto drop down menu inaccurate?

I really like the boot, but I was hoping to finally be in a quality pair of boots that fit me correctly.

Thanks in advance.
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