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Originally Posted by trailrider383 View Post
I really like the simplicity of making those, so I stopped at the hardware store on the way home from work and bought some supplies to try it out.

After about 10 minutes, I had this:

I didn't rivet the strap to the cam buckle, I just used safety pins to mock it up. To do it like Allgo did, you would need 8 sets of this for each wheel. I made this one for the rear, however, if I was making a whole set, I would probably shorten the chain portion. In the picture, the chain is about 8", but that leaves some of the chain on the sidewall, which probably isn't necessary. For the record, this was on a D606.

Here is a breakdown of what I (would) have into 1/8 of a set.

(1) cam buckle- $1.49ea.
(1.25") 1" nylon webbing- $.29 per foot
(2) D-Rings -$.50 ea.
(6") twisted 3/8'' chain - $2.29 per foot

So, about 4 bucks per "chain"

However, this setup isn't using the vbar snow chain, this is just regular chain. I don't think the regular chain would be very helpful on my rear, though, since the chain sits lower in the tire than the knobs.

It would also be nice if the cam buckles would fit between my spokes, but they don't very well, so they would have to be offset more on the side of the rim. This probably wouldn't be too big of a deal, since with the chains, one would be riding at slow speed and you could balance them out by having 4 favoring one side and 4 favoring the other.

The regular twisted chain that I have, may work ok on my front, since it does stick out slightly more than the knobs.

For the chain, I did find this set of ATV vbar snow chains for 20$ shipped, which seems pretty reasonable, if they will stick out beyond the knobs enough to catch.
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