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Originally Posted by DeeR200 View Post
I've never had a problem with shinko tires. I had a pair on my sv650, my buell on the dr200 and all seems fine.

Installed a set of renthal bars, noticeably lighter than stock however they're taller and i don't know if i like that so much. Also installed my new ballistic battery (weighs only .885lbs) so looking forward to more weight loss.

I am considering cutting off the rear passenger pegs and removing the emissions canister for further weightloss. I've read that people are weary of cutting the pegs because it decreases resale value but here's how i look at it:

1) this bike isn't worth that much anyway so how much will saving the passenger pegs really make you??
2) this bike barely has balls with one rider so it's not even practical for 2 up..
3) im looking for major weightloss by any means possible, it will cook in the streets and be like enough to jam on tough terrain.. even more so than it does now.
diet and exercise

Just wondering about the contradiction there... "barely has balls..." and "it will cook in the streets.."

We had a nice day in the PNW today - I probably shoulda' wheeled my little bike out of the garage for a run through the hills.
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