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Thanks for noting that we are active in this thread. We are hands on with this particular boot model also, hopefully I can offer some insight.

First, the size chart:

OK, if you look at the chart, there is a US conversion and an Australian conversion. When we first started selling these, we pulled each size, brought in several fit testers, and did some comparison with other boots we sell. What we found is that the "US MENS" size, which was created by Forma Italy, is off. We contacted the importer, who also owns / runs Forma Australia, and who created the AUSSIE MENS chart. They confirmed our findings, which is why they created their own conversion. They have had better, more accurate results with their conversion, and so have we.

Because of this, we use the Aussie conversion instead of the US one, with one additional modification: we feel the size 49 is bigger than the Aus connversion (13.5) and smaller than the Italy / US MENS one (15).

Second, fit: in simplest terms, these boots are wide and slightly stubby. When customer returns are "too small", they are more often because the boots are too short, rather than insufficiently wide. More on this later.

For comparison, Gaerne, who IMO make the best fitting boots sold, CONVERTS their boots as follows:
8 US > 42 EU
9 US > 43 EU
10 US > 44.5 EU
11 US > 46 EU
12 US > 47 EU
13 US > 48 EU

For reference, a Forma Adventure 44 is shorter than a Gaerne 10 (which is a 44.5). A Gaerne 49 is bigger than a Forma 49. Catch that?

Third, there is a "human factors" element to any discussion of sizing. I am fairly consistently a size 12....but I am certain that I am not a perfect 99th percentile size 12. There are huge variances in shape, volume, protrusion, etc with every individual. Some grains of salt must be taken whenever we say "I am a size ___". This does not mean that you are not a size 9.5...but we have dozens of size 9.5 customers, and I doubt any two of them are alike.

Bob, to your questions: noted that the boots you have are a little loose. The first thing to do is to check the label for several of your size 9.5 casual, athletic, or hiking shoes (not moto boots) shoes for the EU size (not US size). My bet is that most of them are 43s, and maybe even some 42.5s. It would be great if you passed on what shoe brands / models used for this.

If most of them are 43s, you can possibly size down. If you have 43.5s and 44s, sizing down to a 43 will likely result in the boots not being long enough.

Usually it is more effective to wear a slightly larger boot and add a footbed than to size down. If your EU average size is 43.5 or bigger, you would probably get where you want to be with some thicker performance footbeds in your 44s. They lift your foot up in the foot chamber, into the taper, and have the effect of reducing the size. The best ones IMO are Montrail Enduro Orange, Superfeet green, and Superfeet orange. You can also stack a couple pair from your other shoes in there if you want to test this at home for free.

I am in and out this evening, but will try to watch this thread and reply. Let me know what you find.


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