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Originally Posted by HeatXfer View Post
FakeName & kellymac530

Hey guys, love the technical analysis & commentary: I really enjoy an 'inside' view.

On the other hand I do think set-up shots are less impressive than "true" action photography. That said, I don't discount the photographer or the rider's skills and talent, it's just more impressive (to me) when it's organic.
Not me.

It's different. I look at the difference between picture TAKING and picture MAKING. Both can be great, but I'm a picture MAKER. I'd be bored to tears going out ot a race and trying to "get good pictures" in conditions that are not under my control. I can do it- I'm good at what I do. But I can't "speak as loudly" as I can when I choose my lighting and my composition.

The image in question was clearly "made". And I certainly take your point that it's not "organic". But it really grabs the viewer- I had a silent self-laugh when it was posted, as I'd analyzed it earlier and wondered if anyone noticed it's unnatural look.

Not, in any way, deriding the abilities of race shooters- they're good. But I loved the combination of styles in that shot.
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