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I'll clear it up

Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I am confused by your posts. What are you trying to accomplish? The Pirelli MT60 Corsa was a high performance street tire with some dirt capability. In the USA they only offered the rear in a 160/60/17 size. It sold for about $200 and fit wide rims in the 4.5-5 inch range. The front was a 120/70/17 size tire (typical sportbike size) and cost about $160 each.

Perhaps they sell smaller versions of the tire where you are. In any event, the Pirelli MT21 is a DOT knobby and nothing like the MT60 Corsa. I only show them in a 21 inch front tire size. They have the smaller 17 inch rear sizes, though. Conti offers a TKC80 DOT knobby front tire in the 17 inch size. It is new in 2012.
I am simply looking to put a set of offroad tires on X rims. I have an X in the States and the MT21's worked great. The 120's did have a little tire rub on the fork, but I trimmed some of the side tread.

I'm in Costa Rica and tire selection is slim anyway, but even more with the X rims. I talked to a distributor today and he said he has the MT60 in stock and recommended them. Actually, I had never heard of this tire.
I just wanted to see if anyone might be familiar and has tried these.

I'm think my best bet is to see if this distributor can get hold of a pair of MT21's.

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