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Originally Posted by PhilB View Post
What I want is for a lot more of people minding their own business and not thinking they have the right to tell everyone else what to do. That's a problem that is a LOT bigger than helmet laws, but helmet laws are a symptom of that problem. I work to fight against that problem in a wide variety of ways, whenever I encounter it.

Maybe it's true that "a helmet law is the least intrusive option in the sea of potential limitations on the riding of motorcycles", but why accept ANY of those limitations? When you accept a limitation, you accept the whole idea that it's OK for others to put limitations on you and your choices, and you have then ceded the entire principle. You are no longer standing for individual rights and liberty; you have allowed the those who wish to restrict your rights to define the playing field and the rules, and you will lose your rights as a result.

We each will have some things we care about, and others we don't, but we ALL need to support each other in ALL the fights for ALL of our rights; otherwise we all lose them one by one. I don't ride dirt, but I contribute and write letters and support the rights of dirtbikers, because it's the right thing to do, and because I want their support in return for the rights of sportbikers if/when those come under attack. This same principle applies to the rights of gays and Christians and atheists and gun owners and Muslims and immigrants and women and everyone else.

Otherwise, you wind up like BobbySands up there, with no concept of freedom, and thinking that everything you do is subject to some government "cost/benefit analysis" to decide for you whether or not you are qualified to make that decision for yourself. No thanks.

YUP! Nailed it.
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