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A little analysis of the current dilemma if I may.

Originally Posted by Offcamber View Post
Every year about this time I get the desire to trade in or sell my current bike and buy a new, bigger fancier bike....

I think this comes from not being able to ride for 4 months.
By this admission, you are merely mirroring a crisis that every enthusiast endures through the winter doldrums. The solution for this is to read more RR's and more You Tubing.

Originally Posted by dmason View Post
I don't know you so I could be wrong, but I don't think you need a new bike, I think you need to ride more.
Originally Posted by Offcamber View Post

I think I ride a fair amount.....I put about 7k miles on the bike last season.

and no I don't have any real good reason to trade up...want is the biggest factor.
I concur with riding more. 7K is reasonable, many do that in a month. How much of that was 2-Up? You state that the Mrs. isn't overly fond of it so why upgrade to accomodate her. My Mrs. knows fully well my love of riding and has expressed some interest to go for a jaunt. Four years later her ass has never touched the seat yet, and I am more than OK with that.

In two of your posts you express your disdain in travelling an hour to check out a new ride. Whether that be via 2 or 4 wheeled travel, it hardly personifies the mindset of an ADV adventurer. Perhaps you need to take a step back and evaluate who or why you are ready to unload more cash for.
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