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That night for dinner, I spread the word around to the fellow travelers at the hostel that there would be a big party that night for my birthday. Everyone that comes here rides in on 4wd trucks. I was the only person there that brought his own transport. I bought a bottle of wine and shared the wine and conversation with new friends. Then toward the end of the night, they brought out a cake, a big shot of tequila, and sang happy birthday to me. I took the shot, a cheer came up from the group and the music got much loader. The party was here! The five, plump Mayan women working in the kitchen came out and took turns salsa dancing with me. And let’s just say I have the rhythm of a robot on the dance floor but after the wine and tequila………I didn’t give a fuck! It was my birthday. One of the fellow travelers was a professional juggler and hulla-hoop artist. She put on a show and then tried to teach me. But hoop work is worse than my dancing so I never mastered it. But it was still fun trying. Like Mike’s Sky Rancho, the generator goes off at ten sharp. The lights went out and I went to my tent to sleep. There were no stars out that night which was a bad sign. Around midnight it began to rain. And it rained pretty much all night and in to the morning. I was a bit nervous about riding out the next day but I figured if I took it slow, all would be ok. I waited in my tent until about 8 am and the rain kept falling. At about 9 am, I decided to pack everything up wet and head out. I didn’t know if it was ever going to stop and I had places to go and see. Around 10:30, it was still raining and I headed out. I got maybe half mile, I rounded a corner and my back tire slid out on the very slippery rocks. The bike rotated 90 degrees and I drove half way off the road. I kept the bike upright, but I went to put my foot down and I couldn’t keep the bike from falling over. POW! Down it went. I tried to pick it up myself, but it was in an awkward position, half off the road. I also strained my back trying to do it myself. I felt it pop 3 times. OUCH!
I looked, there was a family watching and I waved them over to help. They just stood there. I kept waving and finally a guy came over. Between the 2 of us, we couldn’t pick it up. A third guy was just standing there watching. I waved him over and he reluctantly came over to help. The three of us got the bike up and I rode back to the hostel. One of the guys said back at the hostel…….”I told you so”. Yeh……. But I had to try. I could not just sit around and wait for the rain to stop.
I am typing this right now waiting for the skies to clear and the road to dry up. It has stopped raining but I am not sure if I am going to be able to leave today. I hate wasting the day, but I don’t want to die trying to get out either. I am not sure how long I will be here but as soon as I get an internet connection, I will try to send this note out so everyone knows that I a ok.

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