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Here's an update to my story...................
As you can see, I made it out of Semuc Champey.
It stopped raining around noonish.
Things started to dry up a little.
I got impatient and left around 2:30
I aired down my tires to about 15 to 19 PSI
That helped
But I soon noticed that is was still very muddy and slick.
There were places that were like ice! I swear
My bike was skating along.
I was going down steep hills and I could feel my big bike get loose under me. The front would go one way and the back te other. It was one time I wish I didn't have 100 horsepower and 3 sleeping bags
I was being so delicate with the throttle and my steering inputs were focused on what the tires were doing.
It was crazy. I wasn't sure I was going to make it at times. The road was narrow and steep.
I was afraid that I would meet a car head on on a hill that I had no chance of being able to stop on. Or I was afraid that my rear tire would slide around like it did before and send me and my big over the edge................and yes, it was a long way down!
But in the end, I made it up to the pavement without dumping my bike again. Right now I am in Coban. I found a hotel and I am letting all my stuff dry out.
I noticed it started to rain again. I thought this was supposed to be the dry season here!!!!

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