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Another victim of starting a bike in regular shoes. I probably should have seen a doc after about the 3rd day of hobbling around. Somehow I managed to self heal. Since I don't learn very fast I did it again and shreaded a shoe. Tear through the sole, and through the side leather. I have no idea how the foot was spared. Boots, always Boots!

You want some mobility and flexibility but not so much that you lack support. I can feel the pegs through the boots, a little. I have more feel then a construction boot has. More flex then a motorcross boot too. There is a reason they make several different trials specific boots. For the price of those work boots, it isn't that much more to just get the right boot. Now if all you had were work boots, they will work. Better then killing your foot in regular shoes. Much like a full face street helmet is a better idea then no helmet. It works, but there are better options.

I have found that trials gear is remarkably comfortable. I can spend a whole day wearing my trials boots and a helmet. When was the last time you had a helmet that you can say you forgot to take off? When you drive a car and get out of the car and that is when you realize that you should remove the helmet that is a good sign that it is comfortable.
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