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Originally Posted by bobnoxious67 View Post
Your post did indeed seem as if you knew for a fact that all you were saying was true.

Again, more false statements...the 610 has 2 metal screens/strainers that can be checked occasionally if you feel like it, or after the first couple of services they can be ignored. The ONE oil filter is just like the DR oil filter...cartridge type paper filter, a couple of screws and a cover with a spring. Changing the oil and filter on the 610 is quicker than on the DR. The radiators are in the way, but can usually just be loosened up and left full. If removing radiators once a year is the breaking point for you, I encourage you to stick with air cooled technology...or stay home.

Where the hell do you come up with this stuff? You are indeed fooling yourself if you take a mechanic's word over an owner's
It's my understanding that there is one paper filter, plus two steel screens that can be accessed externally and need to be removed and checked (fairly) frequently, plus another screen that can only be accessed by removing the clutch cover (I make that 4). If these only need to be checked a couple of times when the bike is new, it doesn't say that in the schedule.

Reading maintenance instructions was part of my purchase research. The 610 valve inspect/adjust procedure directs to remove the fuel tank, both radiators and the header tank for a valve check every 6K miles. If there's a workaround I didn't see it before - Good to know! All of that is easy in comparison to what's required for my GTS - but it only needs a valve check (all 20 of them) every 27,000 miles. The DR needs to be checked every oil change but it can be done in 5 min without removing anything but the two valve covers.

What has been your long-term experience with valve clearances?

How about the purported need to replace camchains every 10K or so to prevent them from eating into the breather valve?
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