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been awhile since I posted any public land access issues. Don't want to offend anyone but we had better watch our backs concerning our access to public lands or we'll lose a lot of great places to ride. The information is from the ARRA news letter. I have contacted my representatives. Please get involved to help keep our rights to responsible motorized access to public lands.
"Another issue that could pose a threat in 2013 is the possibility that President Obama will seek to create new National Monument areas by presidential decree. In the December newsletter, we focused on a proposal to create a new National Monument area in the State of Utah in what is commonly referred to as the Greater Canyonlands area.
A new threat suddenly emerged on December 15th when Secretary Salazar participated in a public meeting in Taos, New Mexico. The purpose of that meeting was to discuss the creation of a new National Monument for an area known as the Rio Grande del Norte. There was very little publicity beforehand about the fact that the meeting was taking place, but plenty followed regarding the sentiment expressed in the meeting with the Secretary.
"According to the Taos News, "notice of Salazar's visit was announced about 24 hours before the meeting began (Salazar's staff said they were watching the weather to make sure they could make it), but word spread quickly and a standing-room-only audience of nearly 200 people showed up Saturday morning." It appears that the word of mouth notice of the meeting was given to a select few and the sentiment in the room was decidedly in one camp in terms of the Monument designation idea. Our take away from this surprise meeting is that we should expect more of this type of thing as a way to build political support for Presidential designations. We have a decidedly different view about how to create new National Monument areas. We prefer such designations be congressionally mandated where a true, transparent process can shape the size and scope of those areas deserving of Monument status. But even Congress should not proceed unless it has first heard and carefully considered what all interested parties have to say about such a designation."
I truly don't want to be a pain. thanks, Craig
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