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Originally Posted by Brown Falcon View Post
I almost bought a DR350 instead of the pig... Sometimes I wish I had, like anytime I leave the pavement.
Aww come on now Falcon, she aint THAT bad Although when I have my 4.7 tank full she sure does seeem to have a mind of her own in the dirt
I'm a taller guy, and my bikes been slightly lowered (although its pretty hard to tell ) so overall I don't have too many only real complaint is the top-heaviness. The overall weights not as bad as where the L carries it...way too high. I ride her most anywhere, but there are places I go sometimes that I wish I had a lighter bike to ride. I owned a suzuki 185 2-stroke in my younger years, great little bike except it had no real dirt suspension to speak of. A DR 350 tho has caught my interest several times in the past I was just afraid I'd always be wanting more power. I think I need to do some more research
"Don't get so concerned with the slab that you choose a turd for the dirt"- The Gospel as spoken by itrack
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