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No real flight time for me. Just building time on Microsoft flight simulator. Been building time in a 767-300ER. Had a couple night approaches yesterday with 2 mile visibility, 700 ceiling, and snowing. Full ILS of course. I like the challenge.

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For those not too familiar with MS Flight Sim, here is a screen shot.

Took this screenshot while on final of a visual approach to KBOI, in a 767-300ER. The panel is actually from the default 737 that comes with the software, but with a couple tweaks. It functions well, but not 100% realistic. It is close enough however. I am running a program called Air Hauler. This software allows me to manage a cargo company. I can purchase or lease aircraft, hire pilots, open bases at different airports, and fly. It tracks real world cost of fuel, and gives me jobs to pick and choose routes. On this particular flight I was flying from Honolulu to Boise, ID with a little over 100,000lbs. of cargo. It makes the flight sim a bit more fun.

For those wondering, I cheat and speed up the simulation once at cruising altitude, and then reduce it back the actual speed for the descent and landing.
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