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Sunrise on the highest mountain in Panama right behind Chiriqui Charlie's house with clouds spilling over:

After breakfast it was time to take a ride up into the mountains to Cerro Punto where they grow much of the produce in Panama. It is chilly up here at 6500 feet. Here are onion fields terraced up the fertile soil of the volcano:

backroad up into the mountains:

and a rickety footbridge across the rushing river along the road:

It's a different world up here in the western highlands of Panama:

But soon it was time to head down to the hot coastal plain to catch the PanAm highway down to meet Cmnthead at Uverito Beach out in the middle of nowhere.
Not many people report much on travel from David to Panama City. The only through road is the PanAm and it is a lot of this:

and this:

I actually got pulled over by a transit cop. The locals flash their lights to let you know they are ahead so I was going the speed limit of 100kph and hadn't passed anyone on the yellow line in his line of sight, so when he motioned for me to pull over I waved and kept riding as I always do.

It was a slow day and not much traffic and I figured he'd let it slide, but no. Five miles later or so he caught up to me on his motorcycle and pulled me over. Pointed to his transit police emblem on his chest and told me I should have pulled over.

I laid into him with the fact that a lot of my Gringo friends had warned me about the corrupt cops in Panama, and that it was muy malo por turismo. He asked for my license and passport and I told him no way. I told him about all the photos of corrupt transito cops on the internet, y no es necessario to show your passport to a transit cop. And there was no way I was paying a mordida. And i would be happy to follow him into Santiago and take it up with his superior. Yada yada yada.

He gave up pretty easy. Looked at the signatures on my tank and I told him they were mis amigos de moto and did he want to sign my tank. And that is how I got the signature of a corrupt transit cop on the side of my gas tank. He shook my hand wished me a vaya con dios before heading off.

Here the little weasel is walking back to his bike before whipping around to go back and look for easier pickings:

I'm not advocating this approach. It's just what I do. I don't take shit from corrupt cops. The best way to handle a bully is to punch them in the nose (verbally).

I took the turnoff at Divisa and headed out the peninsula and before long saw Cmnthead and his buddy on Hondas coming the other way. We pulled into Los Tablas for a soda. Here are the two Canadian Phils outside the cantina:

headed down the road to Uverito Beach and pulled into Casa Cmnthead. Really nice place on the beach. I never would have known about this place. Really kicked back.

Had a nice fish dinner courtesy of Phil and a tour of the area. Tomorrow we'll be heading out riding around the area. Should be fun.

I spent 21.90 on gas and food today.

Hasta maņana,
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