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Originally Posted by Attico View Post
No way. They're shit and the mileage isnt great. They seem to be pretty unreliable. Check the forums
I have been. I think like most things mechanical it all comes down to operation and maintenance. Granted I ride a BMW so I have a high tolerance for mechanical pain.

Originally Posted by Saltydog86 View Post
I have the GDE tune and only get 20mpg on the best days...the lift, 32" tires, heavy front bumper and winch may not help?
The internet is full of liars about fuel economy, the RV forums are the worst for them. Towing 7k is not advisable with the short wheelbase, I had a 4500lb camper and had to add Air Lift to the rear to help with towing. 14K is a bundle for a CRD with over 100k on it.
Thanks for the real info. As Mr. Diaz pointed out my other ride is a sportwagen and I see all the fantastic claims on the TDI forums. I've logged every tank not for mileage claims but because a number of years ago a local Mobil station put gas in the diesel tanks.

I'm not doing the lift, bumpers or winch until the tires wear out. I will do the GDE tune and Trans controller in right away when the timing belt and water pump are done. I've got a local performance diesel shop that gets good reviews on a few forums and he has two other Liberty CRD customers.

Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
The Jeeps are OK but poor marketing and lacklister mileage numbers plagued them. Not to mention the premium to get a CRD over the gas engine. ie., It wasn't worth it. The only problem with the 2.8L is the ERG valve. They are prone to failure and are expensive to replace. I think there is a way to disable the EGR part of the ECU with a re-flash.
I've read about this and I believe you are correct, esp about the re-flash. I sure hope you are.

The driving factor in this is my recent change of employment and the permanent addition of Chace's niece to our household. I'm now working locally or I get on a plane while Chace has a 80 mile a day commute which she's been doing in the mini. Did I mention there are also two teenage boys living with us? Suddenly the mini is rather small.

So, Chace gets the TDI, I get the Liberty and the mini gets sold. We also have a Jeep Wrangler (TJ) that the boys drive.

The secondary benefit is we drop a payment which is always nice. The acv of the Liberty is 10.3 + the dreaded 199 "doc" fee which is the best price I've seen on a Limited.
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