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Okay, let me start by saying I deserve to be taken out the back and shot, I know.

I am looking for a replacement for my GSX1250FA which I have had for 7 months, and I have done just over 8,000km. While it is a good bike with LOTS of grunt from idle, quick enough, economical, comfortable, etc. it just does not excite me at all. Even TWFO just does not make me smile (and I have a Yoshi pipe on it).

Day before yesterday I walk into a KTM dealer and stumble across a 990 SMT. Loved look and the feel of the thing sitting on it, and decided to take it for a test ride this morning. Perhaps I was expecting too much from the rave reviews I read, but really did not do anything for me. Liked the gearbox, could feel it likes to rev, but it has no bottom end at all, which is a minus for me as an everyday commuter bike. Could see how it could be fun for a weekend blast though. I was really gutted after the test ride, so wanted to like this bike.

So question is, what the hell is wrong with me !!!! Am I the only one who does not get this bike? Also, does anyone know how this compares to the Super Duke, surely that has a lot more giddy up and go?
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