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Originally Posted by YJake View Post
Okay, I'll bite.

Enter the Royal Enfield Bullet EFI.

I bought one new in 2010 and within 8k miles the piston disintegrated while I was rolling along at 60mph on the highway. The speedo "jiggles" around while ridding. The header came unbolted from the head while riding down I-4. The stock TORPEDO pipe cracked behind where it mounted to the header from the vibration. Several short months after I had the bike back after the warranty covered the top end replacement the rear tube let loose while doing 60mph around the block, turns out there was a washer between the tube and tire that some 3rd world worker dropped in there during assembly and didn't give enough of a fuck to fish it out before mounting everything up (Anybody notice a pattern here? They must be set to explode at 60mph :)

It now sits in my garage with the rear wheel off for going on over 8 months now and I could not give two shits less if it rots where it is parked, It is still under warranty too.

Both of the Bullets that I rented felt like they were going to disintegrate when they got up to 60 m.p.h. They were fine for pottering along the back roads at 45.
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