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Thought I would say hi here.
I had a 1995xt225 a few years ago and ended up selling it and have since regretted it.

Last week this followed me home from southern Maine:

Its the 2007 model. Planning to work on some modifications this winter and can't wait to ride it once the weather gets a bit warmer (negative 1F here this morning)
Lisa, I had a 1992 XT225 for many years and many, many miles. A great, super-dependable bike but I started worrying about the miles I had on it. It was either do a complete rebuild or find one with fewer miles. As luck would have it, shortly thereafter I found a 2007 with only 247 miles on the odometer and sold the 1992. Now, I live at 4400 feet in elevation and most of my riding starts there and goes up to around 12,000 feet - so I was surprised to find how lean the 2007 ran, even at those altitudes. If whoever owned that bike before you did has not done it yet, you might want to read up on what it takes (pretty simple fix, really) to rejet the carburetor and have it run like it should. Lots of good information on this site and over on
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