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I have ridden in my hiking boots, and they were ok. The steel shank in the sole made peg feel a little tricky. I wear RedWing Leather work boots 6 of 7 days a week, and the soles on them are flexible enough, but the heel step is distracting, and the lack of grip on the soles a drawback, especially in wet conditions. The heel step on motox boots is also problematic, you want to be able to place your foot anywhere on the peg, with consistency.

+1 on the comfort of trials boots, I wear mine for touring, though I am getting away from that, as they won't do much good in a 70mph crash. The flexible and very sticky sole lets you conform your sole to the peg, think of wrapping your foot around it, especially in big ups and other situations where the bike angle does not conform to your body angle. They are also waterproof, very nice in wet sections, especially in the prewalk, probing for holes and such. You try not to dab in trials, but when you do, its nice to stick, and only dab once.

The price (Hardrock sells the Garne for $325 or so? basically at cost) is painful the first time, but I promise you'll feel it was worth it. I sure did, there is something about fine Italian footware.
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