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difficult is just another word for challenge
......and I have seen you and your Aussie buddies beat back many a challenge over the years

here is a thought on joining those 2 carbs:
contact Jessie Kientz, owner of Kientech Engineering.

he has been wrenching and modding zukes for many, many years.

if has hasn't put together something like you are working, I would bet that
he certainly has a few ideas on how to pull it off.

him and his wife Janet are wonderful folks, and will always takes the time to help
out us riders and backshop engineers.

if you can call, give it a go. otherwise try an email.

Also, Eddie Sisneros might have something rattling around inside his head that would help you along.

When you have eliminated the impossible
whatever remains however improbable
must be the truth..
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