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Originally Posted by Llamaha View Post
Again, not my fault you can't ride Japanese performance bikes in your country which well and truly renders your argument invalid. Your inability to recognise this demonstrates that you do not care about facts or reason. It's also clear that you believe in some sort of us vs them conspiracy here? Bit crazy in my opinion.

Why stop? Funny that you mention Sth America, I lived in there for 3 years and was a member of the HUBB community helping other riders as they came through Bolivia. Not once do I recall a single Husqvarna, let alone someone riding a TE610. Saw tons of KLR650s, KTM640s, BMW650s, DR650s, the occasional XR250 or XR650 or something like that.

Nobody is 'hung up' about displacement, it's the topic of this thread. And who says they will go off-roading with 100lbs of gear on the back? Try 40lbs. And nobody is stopping someone from dropping that off at their campsite then ride around without the extra weight. Now guess what you don't need? Don't need a trailer, a 4wd to tow, all that crap that fills up the garage and rarely gets used. Sure it's not a bike that will win races but it will take you anywhere you want to go.
It's a big country and the rules vary from state to state. In Colorado you can plate any one of the jap performance bikes and ride it where ever you want. Although the WR450F is probably the most common plated jap performance bike round these parts. Heck, I got a two stroke gas gas XC300 in my garage that is going to have a plate on it before the end of the month.
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