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Originally Posted by Sierra Thumper View Post
Does the DRZ carry its weight any lower than the xrl? To be honest I thought there'd be more than a 20lb diff between the 2....but the water-cooling does add considerable weight I would imagine.
I wonder how much a DR350 weighs?
If you look at the DRZ motor, it's much narrower. Water cooling doesn't add weight. The whole bike is narrower, especially the seat. That's one of the reason's I sold mine and got an XRL. Seat feels like a 2x4. The other was the lack of overdrive-the bike is buzzy on long slab runs. Power was much snappier and it would easily lug along and but also be able to blip the throttle to get the front tire up. A lot of that was the FCR carb. Another part of the power for mine was the Muzzy exhaust. It really did add zip. It was louder than stock but not bad. Sound is subjective. The reps at Muzzys claim their testing showed a 5hp gain over the stock system. They do have their own dyno and dyno all the systems before selling something. Whether it was a 5hp gain or not, I'm positive it added a lot, even made the bike rev more in each gear.

However, if you're on a tight budget, the DR350 would be less $$$ as they are way under appreciated IMO for a very capable DS bike. For both the DR350 and DRZ400, you can add a kicker really easily (dont' have to open the motor on a DRZ) and ditch the electric start goodies for even more weight savings.
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