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Goodbye Ireland

I woke up about as bummed out as I went to bed. The thought of leaving the island, turning in the bike and ending an adventure was borderline overwhelming. The good news is I was on a short time schedule and needed to jam back to the bike store in Lisburn and catch a flight out of Belfast so no time for sulking. Unfortunately, as I was pretty short on time and paranoid about missing my flight, I didn't stop to take a single picture on the way. I made great time from Portaferry back to Lisburn and pulled in to Phillip McAllen Motorcycles with plenty of time to spare. This gave me a little extra time to bullshit with Sam who came outside as I pulled up to see how the trip went. If I lived in Ireland I'd have a new riding buddy, love that guy. While we were settling up in the office, local racing legend and owner of the shop Phillip McAllen poked his head into the managers office so hear how things went. Couldn't help but grab a quick picture. The time ran out, Sam called me a cab, we said our good byes and off to the airport I go.

One last tearful beer for the road.

Thanks for following along

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