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Pissed New tire new inner tube = Headshake

Hi, A wile back got a front blow uot around 70 mph. went on the rumble strips while riding on the rim. 07 990ADV
Not sure how,but managed to stop without lay it down.
Now my problem: Replaced front tire (Metzeler Sahara) and new inner tube. Balanced twice in two different places,but still shaking
Put everything together and went for a test ride.
Soon is I hit 32-35 mph handlebar start shaking.
Over 40 mph it will quiet down,but soon is I let the bar go it start shaking again.
Pulled the tire and went to the shop to check or true the wheel.
The guy said there is nothing wrong with the wheel.
Now I'm not sure.

Neck bearrings or what else cause the problem???
Thanks in advance.
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