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Thanks a lot DR350 people!

To add some comments:
I got this bike from a gentleman in PA who was from somewhere in the area of the Rockeys, so I could see how he could have gotten a CA model bike. Now I have it on the opposite side of the USA.

The original air box was cut open and the carb bad a 130 something main jet in it (but nothing else different like pilot jets, needle, etc.) I think whoever did the work only did half the job and never got the carb really working well with the air box cut. He gave me all the parts which included about 4 other main jets, one of which was the stock main jet.

I have an airbox off a 1999 street model that im changing out. (with the rubber boot from my X model since the carb intake is a different size on the BST33). This way I will have all the stock jets, needles, airbox, filter, exhaust etc. on the bike. I will ride it for a little and make sure its working properly before I decide to do anything. Of course the cap was removed from the idle mixture screw when I got the bike, so i assume it was fiddled with. Thats why i was asking for a base point to start with.

It sounds like 2 turns out from seated is a place to start and than mess with it once the bike has warmed up to operating temp.

As for modifications. I would rather do some cheap mods to the BST33 that I have now...but try to do it the right way.
It sounds like jetting may be the best alternative. I am not too concerned with gas mileage since I only use it in the woods and never go too far from the launch point.

I am waiting on come hardware parts and some carb seals to get the thing back together and working properly (the idle needed seal was torn and may have been part of the problem with poor operation)

So you all have some time to weigh in and discuss.
Thanks again!
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