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Originally Posted by Max Headroom View Post
I hear you too. It would be much more convenient if there were some sure-fire method of determining quality levels before laying down our hard-earned cash. As things stand, I haven't found it yet either . . .

I completely restored my R90S almost seven years ago, and in the course of the restoration I bought stuff via the interweb from Australia, the UK, the USA, Germany and the Netherlands. Some stuff was OEM, while other stuff was aftermarket such as S/S mufflers, the seat, alloy indicator bodies, S/S indicator mounts, enamel badges, S/S wheel spokes etc. I found that everything fitted together and worked as advertised. By sticking to mainstream vendors and brand-names where possible, I believe that most of the risk was averted.

And, more importantly, I can say that I'm still very happy with the quality of the after-market stuff seven years later.

Incidentally, although I have already stated my preference for original, well-maintained machines, I will also say that there is immense satisfaction to be derived from taking a fully worn-out and completely dismantled basket case and returning it to the road. It is also very rewarding to clock up the miles on a "nut'n'bolt" restored bike. But for that bike to also then be impartially awarded at a classic bike show or featured in a bike magazine article can be only described as the cream on the cake.
I'm doing an R90/6 (74) and using oem parts. There will be no way that I ever get even close to what I'll have in it if I ever sell but hopefully I'll get 12 years or so worth of pleasure in riding it, and the satisfaction of riding something that you don't see much around here. I'm only doing two things that are non original and I'm keeping oem parts for the next guy if he wants to return it to stock. (ToasterTan top brace, and r90s tank badges )
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