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12/31/2012 – 01/01/2013 The sky can't fall forever.

Woke up to the unexpected; cloudy, overcast sky with the promise of rain in the air. The next step of the journey was to take me to Manzanillo, which was less than an hours ride away, so there was time to wait out the weather. “It never rains here in the winter” I was told. “This doesn't happen here, it'll pass” they said. By late morning it had begun to rain.

Randy and I decided to cruise over to Jolandas restaurant for some brunch hoping that the rain will stop and the sun would return as promised. By mid-afternoon it was clear that it was not going to stop raining (in fact it was getting worse) despite how unusual it was. We said our good-byes and headed south.

Despite a thorough drenching we arrived at Spencer and Mary's house without incident. After a quick settling in, we got ready for the party hopping evening that New Years Eve held in store for us. After a wonderful dinner at the house, we went to second dinner at a friends house who had relatives visiting, then another friends house to watch a spectacular fireworks show on the beach. Spencer even lit off a few fireworks of his own (which resembled a large amount of gunpowder wrapped in newspaper), that set the car alarms off. It even briefly stopped raining for the occasion.

The sky was still coming down on the first, but Spencer had limited time off, so we decided to go for a ride to “Secret Beach”. I rarely ride with other people, and I think I've been missing out all these years. It's so much fun to ride in a group. We headed north out of town and took a dirt road west towards the coast. The road was actually broken up cobblestone, slick with the rain, and very fun.

Randy and Spencer near a Banyan tree.

After cruising up and over a small mountain range, through some forest, we arrived at the beach. It was still raining and overcast, so after a quick look around we headed back with only a slight detour to look for crocodiles down a side dirt road.

Secret Beach would have been a bit nicer in the sun.

Randy on his KLR.

This soon turned into deep loose sand so we turned around and headed back. Dirt roads, in contrast to cobblestone, are quite a bit more pleasant to ride on and less precarious. It was a short ride, but really fun.

On the way back from the ride we picked up a couple of chickens for lunch (with some grilled onions and peppers), then later, tacos served as a late dinner. One thing about Mexico (that I especially like): they sure know how to eat, and eat often.
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