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Originally Posted by Sierra Thumper View Post
Aww come on now Falcon, she aint THAT bad Although when I have my 4.7 tank full she sure does seeem to have a mind of her own in the dirt
I'm a taller guy, and my bikes been slightly lowered (although its pretty hard to tell ) so overall I don't have too many only real complaint is the top-heaviness. The overall weights not as bad as where the L carries it...way too high. I ride her most anywhere, but there are places I go sometimes that I wish I had a lighter bike to ride. I owned a suzuki 185 2-stroke in my younger years, great little bike except it had no real dirt suspension to speak of. A DR 350 tho has caught my interest several times in the past I was just afraid I'd always be wanting more power. I think I need to do some more research
Part of it for me is my size. I'm about 5'10" and 150 pounds plus riding gear. My bike has a White Bros lowering link, but I can still just barely flat foot it on both sides on flat ground. I've got a 4 gallon tank and can definitely notice a bit of a difference trying to balance it when it's full. I'm trying to improve my riding skills and stay on the pegs letting the bike move and do the work. The XRL is the biggest bike I've ridden ever, everything else was below 250cc so I'm still getting used to the size.

I really like what I've seen on the DR350's. I've heard too many complaints about the DRZ's, and I like air cooled.
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