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Originally Posted by teizms View Post
oh u will find that you hve so much more time in your life if u dont have a tv.
sitting on a couch watching tv is the biggest deterrent keeping you from going out and doing something
I find that there is another benefit as well:

Because I'm not exposed to all the commercials, I'm clueless about the latest cars, electronics, and widgets being pushed. If I watched all those commercials, I'm sure that some of the products would resonate with me and I would lust for them and burn my money on them.

But instead, I don't even know that I'm missing out on X product, Y widget, Z service.

That really helps to save money.

I do think that working in a school (as teacher or administrator) is one of the best lifestyle jobs possible. One is essentially working 1/2 a year... 180 days per year for almost full time pay. Union job, pension, etc. Lots and lots of holidays for big ride trips.

And you don't have to live like a slave in some bunkhouse on some oil field/mine/war zone for half the year to earn money. You still have a good life when you're working.
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