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OK, need to talk Trailer stuff

OK, so I JUST bought a single axle trailer off CraigsList. Like it, for the most part....
So I need a hear to heart talk about this. This is my first trailer, that will be hauling MAYBE 1500lbs plus the ~1250lbs trailer. I've already set my van up to handle this and much much more.
Want to talk about add on's, and modifying this sucker, just a little bit. Normally with me, their is no little bit of mod'ing but with this, it seems pretty set up for my needs... When I got it, wasn't to happy that the manufacture didn't install an e-brake system. I dont know what would be more daunting of a task. Larger brakes on the Astro, to handle something like that OR e-brake the trailer... Just dont know.
Also I was checking the lights off the sellers truck, and the lights could BEARELY been seen during in the day light hours, so I am gonna head up to Harbor Frieght for some LED replacements, and may through on some side signals also while I am at it.
By doing these mods, extra lights, and e-brakes. Wouldn't that pretty much require a 7 prong plug as apposed to the manufactures 4 prong plug??? I not positive, but I thought I read that some where on here a while back, could totally be wrong though...
Lastly, I do a LOT of dirt bike riding in my local deserts and have started going in to the woods. I have have every belief in God, that my buddies are gonna want to do a ride, or join me for a trip. I could end up hauling a load of bikes, so I want to do what I spotted on someone elses trailer....

(this is not my trailer, it belongs to durangoman and might still be for sale, but this is one I am looking to copy)

As for my trail specifically, I bought a 2011 PJ Single Axle - U8 trailer. U8, refers to the size, for the most part. It is a 7' x 14' trailer. Here is a link to a PDF of many trailers, including mine, from the manufactures website:

No joke, I spent close to 4 hours, in a parking lot, just trying to understand how to park this thing.

Wants/Need to do's:
7 prong plug
LED tail lights
E-track and hook ups

I do not have much more I can think of at this time.
Really looking for some insight, opinions, comments, concerns, evaluations, etc...

Thanks guys for reading,
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