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Sounds good, let's go!
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Cmnthead relaxing this morning at the breakfast bar:

And here is the pavilion where he does his best thinking:

We hopped on the bikes and went down to collect the other Canadian Phil for a ride around the countryside. Here is a carving that the artistic Canadian Phil does in his spare time:

He is quite talented. But it was time to head to the store:

and up over the mountains to Cambutal beach. Didn't get any shots of the curving winding roads over the mountains. Really fun riding. Ended up at the beach at Anita's place. Here is Cmnthead with Anita:

Drank sodas and went for a walk on the beach:

Cool wrecked boat up the beach:

With a little buffing out maybe this is my ride to Colombia:

Then went up over the hills to Cuanico Beach:

Nice area or Panama down here:

Seems like this rig should be down watching the Dakar in Peru instead of hanging out at the beach down here:

We rode a couple hundred miles all over the place today. On the way home Cmnthead's 1983 XL500R started acting up and finally sputtered to a halt. Artist Phil headed to the next town to find a pickup taxi to pick up the dead bike. Here I am filling the hour we waited on the side of the road with what comes naturally. The ride report must go on:

Kevin stopped by while we were waiting. He is riding from Idaho to South America on his KLR. His blog is I'll have to check it out. It was very nice of him to stop and chat. Really great guy:

Here is the moto taxi on the way home:

I followed artist Phil home and headed out to find some wifi. I am at a German man's house down at the beach and he has kindly let me use his internet connection to download photos and upload this ride report. I have to head back to the BBQ at Cmnthead's place pronto.

I spent 5 bucks on gas today. Cmnthead has been feeding me or it would have been a lot more than that. Really great folks these Canadians. I am fortunate to have met them.

I think I'm heading down the road tomorrow.

Hasta maņana,
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