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Originally Posted by seth View Post
Peter, I like your licence plate! Why did you go back to the OEM exhaust??
Seth, I tried a GPR muffler so I could (1) save weight and (2) make room for more storage. The GPR was well made, reasonably priced, and came with a Db killer. I left the killer in and thought that the exhaust sounded a bit louder but not obnoxious. Then I took a multi day trip where I had to listen to the exhaust for hour after hour and I simply got tired of the extra noise. It appears that I'm that odd duck who does not like the resonance I was getting at cruising speed. Everyone else thought it was desirable. On my trip I also decided that I'm really not the off road charger I was aiming to be. That let me get rid of the extra storage and go back to OEM.

As for the license plate, thanks. My other bike has a plate that says 1K DAY. Evidently Virginia has more vanity license plates than any other state. Go figure.

FWIW, there was absolutely no gain in power or economy when I had the after market exhaust. The bike ran exactly the same. I have to wonder how Husky managed to get almost 10 extra horses out of our Rotax engine. They bumped the compression up and re-did the heads but that's quite a jump from an engine that was already in service for, what, over 15 years and pretty well developed.
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