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Originally Posted by WadiRum View Post
I just purchased a 2011 G650GS with the factory lowered suspension option. I am 5'9 and find the bike a bit low for me and would like to have more ground clearance. Is it possible to restore it to the original height? Is it something I could do at home and where can I get the parts?
Wadi, the change is more than just the suspension dogbone. I believe you have to change the shock, side stand, and center stand too. This is something you can do at home but the shock is going to be interesting. You will find that the upper shock bolt is a bitch until you raise the rear subframe. There is always someone wanting to go from one direction to the other (stock to lowered or the other way around) so you will find a buyer for your lowered stuff. Patience will win out. I'm 5' 11" and years ago I got a lowered Funduro for my height challenged daughter. When I tried to ride that bike it was painful. My big feet were dragging the ground on every corner. No such problem with my G650GS since it is the standard height.
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