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Originally Posted by CheesyRider2 View Post
Sorry did'nt mean to insult anyone.
I do believe that due to the low, low. low pay (like 2 bucks a week), long hrs (15 hr days) and lack of safety or pollution cntrols that I would avoid things "Made in China". madison Ave will tell you its all good-but we kn w who pays them, don't we
Is my resolution perfect?? No but it's a grass roots start

No need to apologize....communist are communist.Those poor folks who do work in those shops don't have much choice since their Gov. is communist. The U.S. use to have similiar working conditions not so long ago!....hopefully things will change for them(Non- Communist Gov.).Buy U.S.A. as much as you feeds OUR comrades.People need to get back to U.S.A. first,then "worry" about other peoples......a strong U.S.A. is able to help other's,not the other way around.Never give into is the path that leads to shops those poor folks have to work in.. Try lookin at Motoport perhaps.Also,I wonder how much cheese the Chinese really import?.
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