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I have now broken two Garmin GPS' and the thought of throwing out anther couple hundred on a small screen kinda bugs me. I like your set up- but I still have some questions

- heat and direct sun- how much does this affect your ability to have the GPS running while you are riding and even being able to see the screen.

- Have you considered a RAM mount with a waterproof case around the tablet mounted so that glare would not be an issue?

- Vibration- It killed two of my GPS' and a tablet is not even made to handle that level of vibration, in your tank bag I think it isolates the tablet from the vibration- but do you think it might break/breakdown if subjected to vibrations over a long trip?

The reason I am asking all of these questions is I think you have something here. I have an Ipad mini and an iPhone. I plan on bringing both of these on my travels when I go multi day, I also had planned on bringing a GPS- but If I could eliminate that device I would- IF THE TABLET OR THE PHONE could get the job done.

Thanks for posting and in advance for any questions you can answer.

and yes there is a raging debate about the SPOT on the bike versus on you somewhere.........

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