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Originally Posted by alii1959 View Post
The day before Christmas break began, I am a teacher, the clutch went out in my '99 Tacoma 4x4. So for the last 1.5 weeks I have: replace the clutch plate, pressure plate, throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, slave cylinder, master cylinder. I had to remove the transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, etc. Replaced fluids and lubed up everything. Tonight, after replacing the master cylinder: TADA! The clutch works again. Did it all myself, with a bit of help from the Nephew to put the tranny back in, and the lovely and talented assistant (my wife) bleeding the system over and over again! Plus, it isn't much of a garage...just a carport with shifting plywood to move heavy bits around. To tie this into motorcycle stuff, I used a motorcycle jack, from Harbor Freight, to move the tranny and transfer case about.

Sadly, Monday the drudgery begins anew with kids returning on Tuesday. BUT, the truck is a truck again!!!
Feels good to do it yourself.

I feel your pain though, I was a teacher for 5 years. Low pay, bad parents, kids that do not behave, and no respect from the general public.

Thank God (who you can't mention in school), that the rewards of the job outweigh the bad.

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