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Rode about 26 miles behind my buddy Kim on his Husaberg 570 and his son, Killian on his Suzuki. It was a workout and my lower back and legs are really sore! I started out molasses slow and worked my way up to: "Geez, where is he!?" slow by the end of the day. Kim and Killian were great and waited at each junction to make sure I didn't get lost. Here we are taking a break

Here's a shot of the Sierra Nevada range (on the horizon) covered in snow, it's not clouds-just a crummy phone photo

Another shot of Kim on his Husaberg and my Gas Gas 280

My left foot slipped off the peg while landing a big (for me) air and I nailed my shin right below my knee pads and just above my Garne boot-top, it's looking like a lemon was implanted and it's kinda sore! My legs are like noodles and my lower back is really tired/sore but if I keep this up, I'll either end up dead or in really, really good shape!

Next Saturday, my brother and I are going to the Lake Isabella/Kern River area to spend Saturday working on the Dutch Flat Trail with the Stewards of the Sequoia and riding some of the superb single track trails on Sunday. John just picked up an '86 Yamaha TY 250 today so he and I can go trail riding together, can't wait!
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