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Originally Posted by rocketmannn View Post
Had P 250 for 56K miles with no problems. Change oil every 1200 miles when the service warning comes on. Use 15w-40 diesel oil as the factory requires, not 10w-40 crap, and this scooter will run for ever! Only takes 1 quart. We do one 30 day trip every summer from Ohio. If you get a shot at the S 250 (I have one now), it is faster, handles better and has better front brakes.

Never use a Gates CVT belts, replace the stock tires with Michelin tires, use balance beads, always replace the roller weights with Dr. Pully 23 gram weights and remember: when it says you are going 86 mph you are only going 80!!
I just emailed a guy about an S model as it seems to pack the goods as far as weight and brakes.

Are the DR Sliders delivering better acceleration, top end, and mpg?

Also, what speeds can be cruised without it vibrating the header pipe into two?

I am very easy on machines nowadays so they usually last a long time at my hand.

Any other pointers about the bike? Issues with fuel pump or filters? Difficulty adjusting valves?
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