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Originally Posted by Hueychief View Post
I had a 14 hour layover in Istanbul on the 2nd and never even realized you were there until just now. Coming back to work in the middle-east from a break at home in the US and just catching up on the ADV forum.
There are a few of us here that have been following your RR from the beginning and have nothing but praise and admiration for you and wish you the best.
Will follow closer in the future as I travel ALOT.
Small world. Thanks for following. It seems since I am always at least a week behind.. I miss people a lot. We had a great moto tour of the city on the 2nd. Istanbul is fun to ride if you get it in your head that no one will use their blinker, let you in, or watch out for you. If you ride with the flow of traffic you will get hurt so you have to ride like an A-hole and split lanes. A couple times I heard car alarms from my Leo Vance on going up some of the hills on the side streets.

Since then I got some sort of stomach bug and on the 4th I couldn't get more then 20 feet from a toilet. I did about 400 km yesterday but I'm still "loose". Hopefully today I will be regular again. Of course the next 5 days look amazing for me. That is sarcasm.

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