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shit Brendan Phillis just told me about your mishap. I think broken ribs or not I would have had more than words to say. If it had been me I would have been in a skirt, t-shirt and bike boots. I figure if the vmax is going to tip it will be all over red rover. God forbid they bring in these rules about wearing jackets, gloves etc all the time. Although I quess you had all the adequate protection. When the front guard came down on to the front wheel and stopped it dead at 70kms I got flung over the handlebars and then back on to the sidecar (cracked the screen) and the right handle bar came back on to the false aircleaner and broke my wrist BUT the broken ribs hurt worse than anything. My sympathy to you. I would have cracked it big time after all the work you did to the outfit. Who's going to jail someone of my age. Remember just use section 32 of the mental health act. Thats unfit to plead due to mental impairment. I think I would adequately qualify. I can't imagine being without a outfit. Go to the auction and heavy anyone who wants to pay big money for it. That thing that hit you should not be driving if she can't see a outfit.
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