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I have now broken two Garmin GPS' and the thought of throwing out anther couple hundred on a small screen kinda bugs me. I like your set up- but I still have some questions

- heat and direct sun- how much does this affect your ability to have the GPS running while you are riding and even being able to see the screen.

- Have you considered a RAM mount with a waterproof case around the tablet mounted so that glare would not be an issue?

- Vibration- It killed two of my GPS' and a tablet is not even made to handle that level of vibration, in your tank bag I think it isolates the tablet from the vibration- but do you think it might break/breakdown if subjected to vibrations over a long trip?

The reason I am asking all of these questions is I think you have something here. I have an Ipad mini and an iPhone. I plan on bringing both of these on my travels when I go multi day, I also had planned on bringing a GPS- but If I could eliminate that device I would- IF THE TABLET OR THE PHONE could get the job done.

Thanks for posting and in advance for any questions you can answer.

and yes there is a raging debate about the SPOT on the bike versus on you somewhere.........

1. heat and sun - good question, this particular tablet is untried and unproven, however, I did use the same bag and setup for my previous 5 inch PDA based GPS (my $800 dirt-nap) and had no problems and that was in warmish temps (ambient 25'C) whilst travelling across the central Australian outback and had no problems.

2. RAM mounts and water proof boxes - see above answer! The reason I ended up with my previous GPS in my tank bag map pocket was while mounted up against the windscreen in a box on a RAM mount, the damn thing near shook itself to pieces whilst on the above trip, hence the transfer while on-route to the map pocket of my tank bag. A moment of genius borne out of desperation. I had a water proof soft box mounted via a short arm RAM mount to a Touratech GPS mount fitted to the dash board of my KTM 990. Needless to say the thing shook so much I couldn't read it anyway. The cheap (ebay special) box fell apart on the second day of the trip! and the GPS itself threatened to shake itself to pieces. Once transferred to the tank bag no further issues (note to self - test setups thoroughly before setting off on a big trip).

3. vibration - no problems whatsoever in the tank-bag - lots of problems while on a GPS mount. One issue I had with my PDA based GPS was that the side mounted micro USB power charger on a landscape GPS unit was pushed hard up against the side of the map pocket and the bumps and vibration destroyed 3 of these during the course of the trip. The Nexus has a bottom mounted USB charging port and I have purchased right-angled micro USB cables which don't stick out of the tablet as much and look more robust, but will keep a few spares with me.

One other point is that these tablets (the iPad included) need 2 amp USB power so make sure you have one of these - easy to find dual 1 and 2 amp cig light to USB chargers on ebay).
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