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EMFB Option

I am using the latest EMFB, and I love this app.

I recently rode with a friend, and he asked me if the app would do something he and I used to want from his older GPS (I don't remember the model).

I am wondering if there is an option to show a nav screen that isn't a map, but rather a compass, local time, and temperature display. I'd seen this years ago, and this would make the type of riding I do on occasion easier. The display I'd seen years ago had a compass rose and local time in digital, and because these were the only two things displayed, the size of the display was pretty big and easy to read.

I have looked at separate compass apps, and none display time (or temp) with a compass rose. I am contemplating using the compass app with a stand-alone dash clock on my KLR, but I'd rather have them in one place.
How hard would it be to adapt a screen in EMFB to display compass rose, time, and maybe temp?

Thanks in advance.
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