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950 Cam chain tensioner jammed, bolts below 6mm

Hi folks,

Got an '04 950 Adv with 65000km on the clock, checking the cam chain tension as part of a service. Following the service manual and the HOW, except due to a lack of a 14mm allen key, I'm turning the engine over from the water pump wide with a socket on the balance shaft nut. However I'm turning it such that fron the generator side, the engine is turning counterclockwise as per the manual.

I put the rear cylinder at TDC (all cam lobes pointing in, crosses against the gasket head), unscrewed and measured the tensioner bolt. It doesn't even touch the tensioner - Have to screw it in about a turn before it makes contact. Actual measurement from case to washer is about 5mm once screwed in to make contact with the tensioner. The tensioner itself is and long and springy as the new ones I have.

Put the front cylinder at TDC (all lobes facing out, right?). Did the same thing, got the same results. Bolt needs to be screwed in to even contact the tensioner. Tensioner itself will not compress more than about a mm under finger pressure. Seems jammed.

Have I screwed up/missed a procedure somewhere, or are both my cam chains really that clapped out? IN the few thousand k's before the service, I was noticing sporadically a much more pronounced start up rattle that wouldn't go away for a few minutes, unless I killed and restarted the engine.

Thanks !
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