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Originally Posted by Late for the Party View Post
I am using the latest EMFB, and I love this app.

I recently rode with a friend, and he asked me if the app would do something he and I used to want from his older GPS (I don't remember the model).

I am wondering if there is an option to show a nav screen that isn't a map, but rather a compass, local time, and temperature display. I'd seen this years ago, and this would make the type of riding I do on occasion easier. The display I'd seen years ago had a compass rose and local time in digital, and because these were the only two things displayed, the size of the display was pretty big and easy to read.

I have looked at separate compass apps, and none display time (or temp) with a compass rose. I am contemplating using the compass app with a stand-alone dash clock on my KLR, but I'd rather have them in one place.
How hard would it be to adapt a screen in EMFB to display compass rose, time, and maybe temp?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the suggestion.. I like it..

I could add another "view" either via a button or maybe just include it into the MENU to display..
I already have the time and temp "parsed" from the NOAA site..
..I've already added a "direction" function (heading) based on the internal orientation sensor for the Buddy List feature I'm working on..
.. but I'd have to add at least 8 cardinal point graphics to depict N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW
That will provide a nice graphical output instead of just a digital reading.
All sounds very doable if I don't run out of code space.
(of course, you WILL have to mount the phone in the direction you are heading)

Caveat.. the Android orientation sensor is probably the least "mature" Android feature..
.. by that I mean if you read the forums, many people have issues with it reporting the correct direction..
... it's usually fixable with 3rd party "calibration" tools but imho one should not have to do that
but right now, that is the state of the art.

I plan on coming out with at least one more major UPDATE to EMFB before I hit the road again this spring so I'll try and have it working before that...
(my usual MO is: work on the app all winter, but then not so much during spring-summer-fall
which is when i'm out on the road "testing" it (wink wink).

And please, if you've not already gone to GOOGLE PLAY and given EMFB a 5 STAR rating and a few kind words,
now would be a great time to do it..
I don't advertise it anywhere so "word of mouth" via the PLAY store is the only exposure it gets.
( )

thanks again,
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